Monday, August 25, 2008

A neighbor, I dare say.

Bam! Another lightening strike. This time our power of will went out leaving us in the dark with a horrid cat demon, our Siamese, and a pot roast in the oven.

Now the rain pelted our house again and again as it had not so much for an hour before. This torrid hatred of our little cottage had turned a night of pleasant company into a night of dread for the next clash of gods.

As it were, myself; and a remainder of my friends sheltered ourselves in the den. We were protected from the anger that came upon us tonight.

And what stopped as it began? The noise fell away. We heard nothing for a ten minute or twenty passing. The thundered of clashing giants was gone in just a manner that we felt beholden.

There was still a dinner to serve if the food would heat properly now that we had no fire in the stove. But we heard a foot the neighbour woman.

She was a fine mess alright. Harden lot she was and not a day over thirty, as I was told. Now her banging on the door alarmed me and my friend. We set about opening the entry for her. But not without a little fear, no less. She was known about as a strange woman. A something about the village that no one cared to explain for fear of her.

We stood, both, at the entrance to welcome her "Hello Natasha. What brings you out on such a terrible night?" Almost in echo, I think not.

She hand her basket of meats to my friend "I desired company. It's not a night for me, I'll say that. So move aside and let me in."

We broke ranks and handed her leave. My friend, Josh, had another spell and fell.

"Let him lay, he's a lucky man. We's a a bit busy now, so hurry man. There's a break in the storm. You don't want to have me caught in that business, eh?"


Anonymous said...

Happy Labor Day, Jon, left you a writing prompt, Secrets, on my blog.
hugs, hugs and hugs

steadydrip said...


I hope you don't mind me asking but I know that you had some contact with Nerds over in AW.

You haven't posted here in awhile, I hope you see this post of mine, soon.

I am getting really concerned about Nerds. No one has heard from her over at AW since September 23. She's not posted on her blog since 9/11.

I guess I'm just a worrier. I saw that you gave her some money and wondered if you might have some way to contact her other than at AW or her blog? I just feel like we should try and make some contact with her, there's too many yucky things going on in this world and I'm concerned for her well being.

If you can pass on the msg to her that we would just like to hear from her or if you could send me another way to contact her, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, very much!


PS: sorry about the ban situation, I don't really understand all that stuff.

AzGhostWriter said...

Hi Elaine,

Sorry, I've been away for a bit and just returned from a long holiday in the states.

I too haven't heard from Nerds in a long time. I had, at some point in time, her email address but can't find it now. I'm not sure how to contact her.

I too hope she is doing well and I too am worried.

Best regards,