Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where has Natasha gone?

Another love gone for now, but what was lost might not have been forgotten. There are times in every writers life when they seek more than the loneliness of composition and search for something new. I chose to search for love of all things. But I do not regret that my opportunity for finding a life partner failed.

I wrote a couple new stories: The Tort of Silence was one that I hope to complete soon. I also went back to work on Hannigan's Meadow and hope to have some more chapters completed within the next month or so.

I think love is empty without trust, fidelity, and honesty. What is life with someone you can't trust? I wish that this time with Natasha gives me more insights into my desire to complete another novel, work on the next few, and put more effort into my short stories.

I am almost ready to begin submitting several of my short stories for publication.

Wish me luck!!!


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