Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Embolism (Writing Sample)

I wanted to practice my shooting today, so I wrote this little piece. Nothing great, but heck it gave me a chance to explore my nasal cavity more closely.

The bone fragment loosened and floated carelessly though his veins until it lodged just below the right temporal lobe. Luckily, Jonny was a thinking man, he knew what to do and whipped out his trusty .22 cal. Nothing like a clean shot through the sinus cavity to clear up a little blockage. He stuck the barrel inside his nostril and squeezed.

Pop! Pop!

The second round did the trick and little Jonny felt much better knowing that lead can lead to a more productive life if given the proper direction.

So back to work, Jonny! Let's snot waste anymore time being a big bugger.

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