Saturday, November 12, 2005

No sex for me, please (short story)

I never met a woman I didn’t want.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, that was about to soon change. It really didn’t matter what shape they were in; fat, skinny, or butt-ugly. There’s no such thing as an empty bowl of cherries as far as I was concerned.

I was doing my laundry at the neighborhood wash & dry when I met her. As I often do on wash days, I would dump my clothes in into one washer and sit around eyeing the women who occasionally braved the late hours and grime of the laundry-mat.

On that particular evening, I was just putting the make on a plump, younger girl with a slight lisp that had made the mistake of saying hello. I was about to make my pitch about going somewhere while our clothes dried when LaDonna caught my eye. At first, I thought the blur was a reflection of an old woman carrying a bag by her side. As it turned out, it was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen standing in the doorway. She held a pair of slacks by her side while she motioned me to come closer.

I was dumb-struck by her beauty. Her pouted lips and the tart smile. The bright red lipstick expressed more than a mere social interest with me. Her hair was streaked shades of gold with a trace of blonde that flowed over her shoulders to the base of her buttocks.

Ample breasts gently tugged at the material of her blouse. The blood raced below my belt as did the thought of lust that had entered the laundry-mat that evening. I turned to the girl who I had been talking and shook my head at the depth to which I was prepared to go for a moment of pleasure.

When I glanced back at the other woman, I felt the fabric in my pants begin to swell. I straightened to my full height of six feet and walked in the direction of the beauty holding the colorful slacks tightly in her hands. I walked up to her and started to tell her how beautiful she was when a smile crossed her face.

Her lips parted. The lines of her teeth were brightened by the light of the laundry-mat. The smile enchanted me with a power as perpetual as the need for companionship. I was drawn into her presence as no man had before been attracted to touch a candle of dripping wax and flame.

The allure she had provoked from her presence was enough for me to lose words and thoughts as easily as the moon slips behind clouds during a storm. I struggled vainly to say a word to describe how I felt. Any word at all. But there was nothing for me to say that she hadn’t already heard. I felt the taste of dinner upon my breath as I listened to the words that changed my life forever: “Would you like to go some place for some fun?”

Her raspy voice was fragmented by broken English and the trace of some ancient European accent.

I found my voice amid the confusion of her offer and managed a gruff whisper: “Sure, babe. Anywhere you want.”

She took my hand and led me along like a blind man in the parking lot of a busy mall. I felt the swish of cool air around my ears and the closeness of danger by her touch. For some reason, I allowed myself to be led into the seat of her car. I didn’t even object when she got behind the wheel and took control.

We drove slowly down several side streets and alleys in what would have normally seemed like forever. It didn’t seem to matter because I was too distracted by thoughts of her body on mine, thrashing around like a couple of animals, trying to find the right rhythm that would satisfy my constant need for sex.

When we finally pulled into the darkened driveway of an old abandoned house, I had already lost all self-control. My sense of danger was obscured by her and I had not noticed the emptiness of the neighborhood she brought me. She distracted me by a fantasy of desire for her. I was no longer concerned about the coldness in the air or the coldness of her touch.

A few short steps around discarded lawn furniture and we were quickly inside the house, alone. She replaced the key around her neck and looked at me with the eyes of a woman who wanted more than I imagined.

I felt a twinge of regret or maybe it was fear and excitement, or both, I don’t know. Although there was a chill in the air, I was too warm with lust to notice. She reached down and massaged the front of my pants and my eyes rolled backward. By this time, way too much tension had built up inside of me to remain still. I felt the urge to throw her on the ground and take her. Instead, I reached for her breast, but she caught me and guided the slacks into my hand.

I looked down at the material. I hadn’t expected this new development and started to say something when she brushed against me and said: “If you wouldn’t mind putting the on, it really turns me on so much to see a man wearing women’s pants.”

I thought to myself for a second and started to object when she added: “Oh baby, I can tell you are going to make me beg. Well how about if I just get a little closer and pout like this?”

She placed her lips together and started to whimper softly while her hand found my sensitive spot. She rubbed gently in circles until I found myself drifting into an orgasmic state of euphoria. As quickly as it began, she stopped her teasing and stepped back while I tried to regain my focus of the room.

Her arms were folder across her chest while she cast a look of disgust at me. “If you don’t want to do it, I’ll just have to find someone else who will!” she said.
She turned as if to leave the room and I began to panic. I imagined her naked body again and decided that it wouldn’t do any harm to play along with her until I got what I wanted. I didn’t think it would be any different than doing some of the other stuff I tried in the past to get sex. Besides, I thought, what’s a little kinky going to hurt?

“OK –- hey, no need to be in such a hurry, baby. Just let me find somewhere to sit down and change,” I said.

The room was sparsely decorated. A few chairs and a table that leaned toward the ground was the decor. I pulled one of the creaky, old wooden chairs away from the table and sat down. Soon her smile returned. I reached for my zipper and realized that my shoes got in the way. It took a little effort, but I managed to push them off and slipped out of my pants with a quickness of a man who was expecting to be rewarded for my efforts very soon.

The tight fitting slacks were difficult to get over my legs at first, but I managed somehow and stood to pull them over my butt. In the few minutes it took to get them on, I sensed a change come over me. The pants had begun to tighten at the crotch. A few seconds later, I began to feel cramps and nausea sweep over my body between fits of pain and pleasure.

The pleasure was a sickening feeling from the thousands of orgasms that brought instances of relief. I could feel my sex organs begin to change, become stiffened and fragile at the same time. Between each new wave of pain and pleasure, I saw LaDonna writhing on the floor as though she was making love to an invisible lover.

At last I was released from the excruciating pain that had controlled my body. A tugging on my zipper brought me to a climax and I whimpered. She gently pulled the material apart and reached inside the slacks. I was too exhausted and drained from the experience to offer any resistance whatsoever.

There was nothing for me to do except watch as she pulled my still hardened penis from the slacks and held it in front of her. She stroked it with her hands and smiled. I tried to scream before I lost consciousness, but it was too late as I was taken to a world of whispered darkness.

Later I woke to a darkened room. At first, I thought to roll over from a bad dream, but realized the hard surface of the floor in the laundry room had replaced my illusions of a warm bed. I panicked and reached down to touch myself. I placed my hands where I expected to find my penis and felt the openness of womanhood. I tried again to believe that it was a mistake, but found the same emptiness as before except now my fingers penetrated the folds of a vagina.

I found my voice and started to scream. In my head, I heard the sound of a woman’s voice escaping from my lips before my brain shut down from the shock.

As the last conscious thought raced through my brain, I could almost hear another woman’s voice beside me say: “What’s wrong baby, wasn’t the sex good enough for you!”

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