Thursday, November 17, 2005

Get the work done first

Well today isn't starting out like I had planned. After a great deal of internet reading, I find myself wondering how to get the current wip kick started again. Hmmmm...I leave a couple kids alone in a spooky old boarding house with a crazed landlady and can't seem to remember the next move. I suppose the next logical step would be to take my little friends on a exploration of her insanity, but they are already freaked out enough.

Maybe I should rewrite the last sentence again and see where it goes from that point forward? I can see that my writing today should become an obsession or it'll be another unproductive day. On the other hand, I could just pop open a beer and take another nap? Nah, I'll get those little kiddies out of danger and kill the old bag. Maybe she deserved it? Who knows?

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Tsavo Leone said...

Depending on your personal preferences I used to find that a cigarette and a large coffee got the cogs grinding again, usually whilst playing over the usual stereotypical outcomes of said scenario (kids, spooky house, old lady).

I also used to (still do) find that 'ahem' play-acting one of the characters helps. By that I mean I talked to an empty room as if I were that character (method writing is the way of the future!). It may sound completely nutso but it works.

Possibly the kookiest thing I do is tell myself the story as I'm going to sleep...